Perhaps Some Puppies?

September 17, 2019

Everyone has puppies — except me.  So, in the Spring (March?), I will breed my Alis to a handsome boy, CH Braeling Ever By My Side CD HT RA.  Pedigree is here.

Alis is a fluffy so must be bred to a dog that does not carry fluff (unless I wanted a litter with a bunch of fluffs — which I do not).  “Squire” is clear for fluff, pink, PRA, DM.  Alis is clear for pink, PRA, DM.  I expect dark brindle puppies with elegant toplines and nice angles.  They should be sweet tempered babies, all will carry black.

I’ll post more information and photos as we go along.  I love puppies!


  1. admin says:

    How exciting! I know that it has been a while.

    • Penni says:

      Actually, we had the Chase/Story litter last fall, but they were whelped by Molly Wisecarver and didn’t come here until they were 7 weeks old. I enjoyed them for a few weeks, but never long enough!