1. Jeff says:

    We are the proud people belonging to Inca’s son Sara gold Sir Toby of Twelfth Night. He’s 7 now.

  2. chantal bristol says:

    Penni, I just discovered your blog today, I feel like I have just met an old friend! I currently live in Phoenix, at the very edge of the city (only 9 miles) but really a world away, I have almost three acres of glorious sand and mesquite and an unobstructed view of the moon, no street lights for me!I too have come under the spell of the Cardigan and for almost 18 years have shared my life with two of the most remarkable animals I have had the joy to know and love. My beautiful Tiki I lost now two years ago, hard to believe that she has been gone that long already, and as I set here and write this to you I have my little girl Torch at my side.She looks very much like chase I wonder if they might be related? Anyway I wanted to let you know that you sound like an amazing person, and thru your love of the law I am sure you have tried to bring justice tempered with kindness and mercy to the world.Today those things are sorely lacking.The person that you are having difficulties with does not know the nature of dogs, or you! Keep your head up things will get better,please do not lose faith in the power of good,as I am sure you know Cardi’s teach these lessons with more grace then any human ever could. Wishing you well, Chantel Bristol