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  1. An Unexpected Package

    December 14, 2015 by myeye

    When I went to my Post Office today, I had a pick-up notice in my box (actually two, but one was unimportant).  The other box was totally unexpected.  It was from my friend Margaret Williams.  Margaret lives in South Dakota and I know she is really jealous because we have had so much snow and rain while she enjoys unseasonal warmth.  The box contained real surprises.  One was the much-coveted Target Corgi ornament.  When the little guys hit the Target shelves, Corgi Nation gathered together and launched an unparalleled rescue operation.  That meant if you didn’t get a Target Corgi ornament in the first few days after they were stocked, you were not getting one.  We don’t have a Target in Los Lunas and I had not been in Albuquerque when I also had time to systematically hit the Targets to find one of the elusive ornaments.  I assumed I would have to do without, but then Margaret packaged up one of the little guys and sent it to me.  They are very cute!  Don’t you agree?

    Target Corgi

    Also in the surprise box was a lovely oval, beveled glass ornament with a photo on it of Chase herding sheep.  It is an early morning photo so includes many shades of blue.  It is so beautiful, so unexpected, and I am so grateful.  What a wonderful gift.  Hugs to Margaret.

    Ornament from Margaret

  2. Snow Queen

    January 5, 2015 by myeye

    I know you all want to see puppy photos — and I promise there will be many.  The baybeez have opened their eyes, but still spend most of the day sleeping with little breaks for eating and waddling over one another.  They are very cute.

    This post, however, is about our 14-1/2 month old girl Flutter.  Flutter lives in Alaska with Jessica Viera.  Jess shows her.  Jess also takes great photos.  Yesterday in single digit temperatures, they had a photo shoot.  Here is our Snow Queen “Bluefox Elyan Mariposa” in a winter wonderland.  Thank you, Jessica, for braving the elements to satisfy my craving for photos.  Flutter has earned both her Majors and has 12 points.  We hope to soon add Champion before her name.

    Flutter Winter Shoot (4) stacked - blog

    Flutter Winter Shoot (6) blog

    Flutter Winter Shoot (8) blog

    Flutter Winter Shoot (9) -eyes blog

  3. Ode To Joy

    December 5, 2012 by myeye

    I shared this on Facebook.  If you’ve not enjoyed it, you really must.  This is so uplifting.

  4. I Love This Water Color

    September 12, 2012 by myeye

    A few years ago I spent time trolling ebay looking for Cardigan-themed items.  I came across two Cardigan water colors.  One I wanted for me.  The second I bid on for a friend because it had dragonflies with the dog and she loves dragonflies.  Man!  The prices were going up and up.  It suddenly dawned on me that my friend might be bidding so I emailed her and sure enough, between the two of us we had successfully doubled the probable price of the two pieces.  So we agreed that she would stop bidding on “Posy Pup” and I would stop bidding on “Dragonfly”.  We both won the pieces we wanted and lived happily ever after.  This painting is a visual of Chase’s attitude about life in general and his in particular.  The painting is framed and hangs in my office — it’s good for at least one smile every day.

  5. Spring Bouquet

    March 7, 2012 by myeye

    My daughter in law, Debi, brought me a bouquet of flowers on Monday.  They are jauntily perched among the stacks of paper in my office — definitely the bright spot in the midst of all the chaos.  (Nola is here as well.  She is a bright spot, but she is a big part of the chaos.)  Enjoy!

    and then PhotoShop turned them into watercolor.