‘Building green’ Category

  1. Day 3/Day 9

    January 20, 2010 by myeye

    This is the third day of having no kitchen and having loads of (strange) people at my house.  Yesterday all the offending drywall was cut out and the walls, wood supports were scrubbed down with something that has a lot of chlorine in it.  A big blower was set up in the kitchen and roared through the night — drying all the chemicals.  Two workers were there when I left this morning.  They said they will finish with the remediation today.  The EPA inspector will be out tomorrow to make sure they got every last spore.  It’s my understanding that then the inside of the walls will be sprayed with a plastic coating.  So, on Friday, the construction crew will take out the rest of the cabinets and begin drywalling and taping and mudding and texturing.  Paint comes after that — so I need to go find my accent color.  Hmmm . . . that can’t happen tonight because there is a Lady Lobo basketball game and tomorrow night Chase has class.  Friday evening Chase has Novice run-throughs (this will be his first try at off-lead heeling).  It looks like Saturday will be paint-finding day.  I have a bunch of samples and have taped them to walls, but with the kitchen blocked off, I’ve not seen the samples with lots of light on them.  I think I’ll go with a pale tangerine — warm and hopefully inviting.  The new cabinets?  I have no idea how that works, but I’m going to look at what’s out there to get an idea.  There is a cabinet seller who carries Anderson “green” cabinets.  They are made from renewable woods (like bamboo) — I wonder if that’s in my adjuster’s budget.

    Day 9 — that’s for the Phebe.  She’s flagging, invites Chase to investigate, but then walks away.  My “better safe than sorry” switch flipped on this morning, and we did an AI.  If she’s ready, or close to ready, there will be long distance swimmers heading for eggs.  Since the girls are the ones with the stamina, an early breeding is more appealing than a late one.  Jump in here and disagree if you’d like.  Anyway, there seems to be lots more where this dose came from.  I was also thinking that the AI might make Chase take a closer look at Phebes and find her more attractive.  We are going to continue the detective theme with this repeat:  Scarpetta (“M.E.”), Miss Marple (“Christie” — thanks Elaine, that’s a good one), Nancy Drew, Pepper Anderson.  If we got four girls, I would be one happy camper.  If there are more, we’ll need some more girl detective names — and I will be deliriously happy.   There seem to be loads of male detective names, so I’m just not worried about them:  Adrian Monk, Clouseau, Alex Cross (is that correct?).  So, go little swimmers — make me happy!

  2. Tony’s Self-Sustaining Home

    August 9, 2008 by MyEye

    My youngest brother Tony lives in Louisiana where he and his wife Marie have built a self-sustaining home.  It’s made mostly of re-cycled materials, has no air-conditioning, uses collected rainwater.  They also run St. Martin Humane Center (though the PBS story doesn’t show their dog set-up).  As a nation, we’d better learn to live “greener” because we are running out of resources.

    If you’d like to view the PBS short about the house, here’s where to look: http://www.lpb.org/programs/swi/ and choose LWSI 3150 Environmental Architecture 08 Aug 08 (on the right side, choose 256K or 56K).

  3. If You’re Wondering Where I Stand – Politically

    July 30, 2008 by MyEye

    There’s an election coming up — it’s only a couple of months away.  To me, this feels like one of the most important elections that has occurred in my lifetime.  I’m embarrassed for our country and sad for many of our residents because our priorities seem so skewed.  For example, why would we deplete the limited fossil fuels available to us rather than develop what will be continuous and clean and (ultimately) free fuel?

    I love the huge white turbines, I love the way they swoosh as they capture the wind.  . . . and the sunshine — it drops in every day (at least here in the southwest).  We won’t deplete it by using it — what a terrific concept!

    Last week there was an editorial in our local newspaper decrying the efforts to develop renewable energy when everyone knows that airplanes need jet fuel.  I think that with a little ingenuity and some old-fashioned elbow grease, we can probably develop hybrid airplane engines.  In the meantime, let’s save the fossil fuel for the airplanes and use renewable energy everywhere it can be used.

    On Saturday night the local Barak Obama campaign headquarters will open its doors — I’ll be there.  I hope a lot of my friends will be as well because we have serious work to do. 

    This was an unpaid political message straight from my heart.