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  1. The Rest of Pepper’s Story

    February 20, 2012 by myeye

    Last week I posted about a Cardi/Cattle Dog cross that needed a home.  As a puppy, Pepper had gone to live in a man’s backyard — 24/7 — in the back yard.  The Flight Attendant that lived next door had periodically spent time holding and playing with him, but other than that, he received no affection.  The man decided he couldn’t take care of the youngster.  The flight attendant took him home (she rescues cats).  There ensued the great cat round-up which apparently was wild and wooly.  The flight attendant decided she couldn’t keep Pepper and handed him off to a lovely older couple that lives out in the canyon.  They have two rescue dogs and the youngster was a bit much for them.  Nonetheless they took him to their vet where he was checked out, given a clean bill of health, and vaccinated.  They sent email to some of the people in our local dog training club indicating the dog was a Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  That pricked up ears and I received a “help” email.

    Last Friday I picked Pepper up and took him home.  Because most of my other dogs are off at shows or herding, only Inca was there to greet the little guy.  As long as Inca gets her share of attention, she doesn’t care who I bring home.  I posted on our Southwest Cardigan list about Pepper.  Within hours I received a call from another local Cardigan person that had a family that wanted a Cardi and would consider a cross.  Pepper was healthy and up to date on his shots.  He needed to be neutered.  The woman who called me is a vet tech.  Her vet knows the prospective adopters and said she would neuter at no charge.  Pepper is so sweet and happy — he wants to be touched and held and stroked, but has no behavioral issues.  The prospective adopters are a couple with a three-year old daughter that have had Pems.

    Yesterday I came into Albuquerque and met the family at my office..  What do you think happened?

    So Pepper went off to be a happy dog with his very-own-little-girl.  Lorelei looks pretty pleased as well.  I just love happy endings!

  2. The Week Ahead

    June 20, 2011 by myeye

    Yesterday had some high notes:  Finnigan being found in West Seattle, Holmes and I playing with the sheep, little Lowri earning her first point and a Best of Opposite Sex over a Champion.  Yep, yesterday was a very good day.  The Bulletin is nearer completion (after 13 hours of my weekend), and I believe (fingers crossed) that I will finish it this morning.  The proof readers have been very patient (while I was being very frustrated).  The hold-up first was three pages that were not in my possession.  I now have them, but far worse is that I do not know Adobe InDesign well.  Actually I have barely scratched the surface of what it can do.  So, when things come up, I try watching one of the instructional videos which were made for people with a smattering of knowledge (that would not be me).  Saturday I ordered “InDesign CS5 Classroom In a Book”.  I cannot go to on-line help and then remember all the steps when I go back into the program.  I need an index.  This book can be downloaded to Kindle, but I think I need actual, paper, physically turn the pages book.  And I shall have it by the end of the week.  Next Bulletin issue (Deadline August 15th), I will be ready.

    Anyway, my clients are in need of attention.  If the Bulletin can wing its way to the proofreaders today, I can return to the other stressful part of my life.  I am so glad I have my funny dogs at home.

    Today, for the first time in weeks, we do not have a severe weather alert, no sustained 35 mph winds, no smoke so I can see both my east and west mountain-horizons, and everything does not smell like a campfire.  Last night I made up 25 pounds of dog food so the dogs are taken care of for the next 12 (or so) days.

    This is going to be a great week.

  3. Little Dog Lost – the importance of microchipping

    August 8, 2009 by myeye

    On Thursday I received an email from Jeri.  Harry Griffith who is the breeder of Kip’s litter had contacted Jeri.  A litermate, Leo, who had been placed with a family in Albuquerque, was found trotting down the street, and somehow Harry had retrieved him.  Harry has remained the “back-up contact” on Leo’s microchip record.  I called all the numbers I had for the family with which Leo lives, and sent email, but could not reach them.  They take a vacation every year about this time, so I figured they were away and someone was dogsitting.

    Yesterday on my drive home, I saw a poster with a cardigan photo, on a telephone pole.  I couldn’t read the print on it — and the traffic was awful, so I couldn’t stop the car.  My plan (since I knew Leo was safe) was to go back this morning and check for a telephone number.

    A few minutes ago, Julie called me.  She had received my message, called her in-laws who were dog-sitting and, sure enough, someone had left a gate open, and Leo had exited the yard on Thursday.  Julie and her husband and kids have been at waterparks and other noisy places so she had not checked her cell phone in the last three days.  The in-laws were hoping to find Leo before Julie and Ron came home, didn’t want to spoil their vacation, so did not let them know.

    If Leo had not been chipped, with the breeder as the back-up contact, I’m not sure what would have happened to him.  He might have gone to the animal shelter.  Someone might have just kept him (because he’s such a sweet dog).  I’m just so grateful that some dear person picked him up before he was hit by a car, and then they thought to scan for a microchip.

    So, if your dog does not have a microchip, please, please, please spend the money to have one inserted.  Be sure you use a back-up contact who would NOT be with you on vacation.

    All’s well that ends well!

  4. The First Dog

    April 9, 2009 by MyEye

    I have a long time friend who is a single Dad raising three teenaged daughters.  Notwithstanding, he’s still relatively sane. They own a couple of cats, but finally realized (in Erma Bombeck’s words) it’s hard to really love an animal that licks its paws while you’re trying to talk with it.  Dad does computer fixes and has kept me up and running both at work and at home for many years (I’ve mentioned him before in the context of the Blue Screen of Death “Fatal Error”).  As a result of my obsessive need for access to my computers, he’s been at the office and at the house many times.  As a result of those visits, he’s met the dogs who believe he is a family member of some sort.

    Last weekend, he called and told me that he and the girls had decided to get a dog.  They had made a list of the characteristics that were important to them.  He had then purchased the Complete Dog Book.  The family had gone through the book and narrowed it down to their four top breeds, one of which was Cardigans.  Then he broke it to the girls that he had a friend who had Cardigans.

    First they went to the adoption center and looked at all the dogs, then they went home, washed up and changed shoes (I’m a little freaky about my dogs’ health), and came to the house.  Chase is at Sherri’s, but Kip and Inca wasted no time explaining to the kids why they wanted a Cardigan — actually, why they had to have a Cardigan.  By the time they left the house, it was just a matter of finding them a dog — Kip and Inca are not available.  Dad had already looked into raw feeding (he knew I swore by it), and discussed training with the kids.

    I knew of a breeder who had recently accepted a returned dog from a family that could no longer care for her.  She’s an adult, already spayed, with a happy temperament.  We made the contact, and she will be with her new family on Easter Monday morning.  (As an aside, three years ago on Easter Sunday, my son and DIL drove up north to pick up a CWCNRT Cardi, who is still a beloved household member.)   Chase’s web site has received an enormous number of hits since last weekend — that’s where Ralph is sending everyone who says “what’s a Cardigan”?

    Tuesday night the middle daughter, who will be the primary trainer, went to Obedience Drill with Kip and me.  She’ll be signing up for the Novice Rally class in July.  She’ll attend the Mothers Day shows as well. because she wants to learn everything — could this be the long-legged kid that will show Chase in Agility?

    I am so happy for the dog who will have her own family all to herself (except for those pesky cats), and for the family that will have a Cardigan to love forever.  I enjoy being the matchmaker!

  5. A Christmas Wish Come True

    December 24, 2008 by MyEye

    Many of you have been following Joanna Kimball’s efforts to find her young merle Cardigan “Clue”.  Clue has been lost in New Hampshire since the morning of December 16th.  The area has received more than two feet of snow.  Joanna, her family, and her friends in Amherst have done everything that could be done to make sure a little lost dog was found — AND IT HAPPENED!  No details yet, but Joanna received a call this morning that Clue has been rescued.  She is on her way now to claim the dog.  What a special Christmas for everyone who cares about animals, and particularly for this family that was missing its blue Cardi girl.