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  1. A Tough Few Days

    June 9, 2013 by myeye

    There were some bright spots:  Copper went to her new home with Tricia and Kevin.  You’ll love the video they’ve sent.

    Mooney flew home to California with Captain Frank.  She is making every effort to take over their lives.

    Mooney in the pool 6-9-13

    Augie still loves ducks and Andy’s older Cardi sister has decided to play with him after all.

    Intrigue — now Addie — has her very own little girl.  They are inseparable, and dreadfully cute.

    Now the hard part:  Nola had five puppies on Friday morning by C-Section.  She demonstrated she did not want to be a mother which complicates my life and the puppies’ lives.  We lost two little baby boys so we have two girls (Kimber and Lily) and one boy (Newman).  Because Nola was not interested in caring for them, I was tube feeding them every couple of hours until friend Jessica Viera offered the wonderful Lexi to foster mom them.  Lexie is raising four boys that are two weeks old, and had plenty of milk.  Yesterday Jessica and Brian packed up Lexi and her kids.  They drove to Wagon Mound NM to meet me with the three little heathens.  Each puppy was presented to Lexi.  She gave each one a big lick and tucked them in for lunch.  I get tears in my eyes just telling you how grateful I am to Jess and Brian, to Jeri Lamy (who is leasing Lexi), to Karen Lyons who is Lexi’s owner, and mostly to sweet Lexi who has adopted the three little kids.  The baybeez will return to the home of the baddogs the first weekend in July so that Chase may begin tutoring them in the ways of the baddogs.  Jess sent me this photo of Lexi with the little ones in the lunch line.

    Lexi and puppies 6-9-13The heathens are the tiny puppies in left center.  The big puppies are the four two-week old boy puppies from Lexi’s own litter


  2. The Great Escape

    May 5, 2013 by myeye

    Led by none other than Dally, this is the type of escape that slowed our photo-taking efforts last Tuesday.  You would think three or four grown-up humans could control a half dozen five week old puppies.  You would be thinking wrong!  Adding to the difficulty were peals of laughter as the baybeez took over the studio and thwarted our organizational efforts.  Thank you Kevin and Trish Dooley for sticking with us to get the shots!

    Great Escape1 4-30-13 blog

  3. Worth a Big Brag

    April 2, 2013 by myeye

    A few weeks ago, beautiful Chase/Scout daughter “Ginger” (CH Mockingbird Wyncrest’s I Believe in Magic CA) earned Best of Breed (owner-handled) over 10 other Champions in Louisville.  Her very proud owner Kathy Metcalfe shared the win photo with me yesterday.  Ginger is such a lovely girl — with a side gait to die for.  Congratulations, Kathy and Grandpuppy.

    We will return soon to our regularly scheduled puppy program.

  4. Dory Update and Happy Birthday to Hunter

    March 21, 2013 by myeye

    Our Dory is in her last few days of dragging around a tummy full of babies. I hope to get a good photo of her when we go to the vet’s for her puppy count x-ray. I noticed last night that she is barely making it through the dog door. She’s still happy and always hungry. I’ve increased her food and, since I raw feed, have eliminated bone from her diet for the final two weeks of the pregnancy. The theme for this litter is Colleges that begin with the letter “A”. There is quite a list. (“Auburn” has already been claimed.) Of course, that’s just for the registered names — call names are up to the puppies’ families. Anne and I were thinking we might identify the mascots for each of the schools. Monday is the day, but we’ll have an update with the x-ray before then. You can all help us count heads/spines.

    Today Chase’s Dad Am/Can Ch Merrymoon Firestorm is celebrating his 17th birthday.  That makes me happy for two reasons: because Hunter is a grand dog and it’s lovely that he is still keeping Shelley company, and because it bodes well for Chase’s longevity.  I hope to have him around for many years to come.  Side note:  Chase’s mom, Alice, will celebrate her 13th birthday in June.

    Shelley posted some photos of Hunter on her blog.  For our puppy people in waiting, I hope you’ll take a look at the photos of your puppies’ paternal grandfather.

    Here are two photos I boosted from Shelley’s post.  Note that Hunter, sitting in the first photo closely resembles Chase who is the dog on the right in the second photo.  In the second photo, Chase was 18 months old.  He and his half-sister Dolly were the “progeny” for the Stud Dog Class in which Hunter was named #1 stud dog for 2009.  That same year Chase and his littermate Pilot were the “representative progeny” for their mother, Ch Mariel Reese’s Alice Springs.  “Alice” was selected as Best Brood Bitch.

    Happy birthday, Hunter.  We’re proud to have your son and many of your grandpuppies.

  5. The New Whelping Box

    March 18, 2013 by myeye

    All the pieces are together and once the thermostat and wires are hung out of reach, Dory may take up residence.  The box was made by John Welby (Grayfoot Agility LLC).  He used expanded PVC and (because this is for me) marked the places where A screws to B, etc.  In the photos, the panel on the right will become the back end of the puppy potty/play area when the baby baddogs are ready.  There are two 40″ long sides that attach to the box (right hand side in the first photo).  There is a drop-in door which I’ve removed for now.  There is a drop-in door on the opposite side as well so I can orient the box (with play area) differently.  The brackets that make up the sliders for insertion of the doors are covered with clear shipping tape to prevent possible scrapes.  The entire operation breaks down and fits in a 39″ flat screen television box (which I scored from one of my office mates).  Of course, if you need to go purchase one to obtain the box, I would understand.  The heat source is a Hydrofarm 20″ x 20″ seedling heat mat.  It lays flat on the floor of the whelping box and has an adjustable thermostat (sold separately).  The cotton pads are recycled hospital pads.  I have a dozen or so and wash every day when I have puppies.  The box can be disassembled and completely sprayed down and disinfected between litters.  When we add the play/potty area, I’ll post more photos.  All the whelping supplies (in a wide wheeled three drawer plastic drawer unit), extra pads, scale, puppy cam are behind where I was standing to take photos.

    Looking at the SW Corner of the Box.  The panel that is removed to become the back of the puppy play/potty area is on the right

    To the SE corner (tan at edge of door is shadow)

    The Hydrofarm thermostat

    The Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat

    Wrong dog, but he had to approve it before Dory could move in