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  1. What Did You Do This Weekend?

    November 5, 2012 by myeye

    ByVineDesign: AKC Agility, Belen,NM- FRI 11/2/12 &emdash;

    The Chaseman was entered all three days at the Valencia Valley Kennel Club Agility Trials held at Eagle Park in Belen.  He finished his Novice Standard Preferred title (NAP).  I love this photo of him flying toward a jump.  Evelyn Vinogradov took this and many other shots.  Once she has posted from all three days, I know I’ll be adding more Chase shots to my collection.  He’s still a green dog and makes green dog mistakes, but he loves this game.  Our classes are winding down for this year so he and I are going to hit the fields.  I hope to certify him this winter to enter him in our TD test in January.

    Meanwhile, the kids were busy in other parts of the country.  Smooch was in Yakima and earned a Novice Fast leg.  Lowri and Baby Dinah were showing in Knoxville.  Dinah earned two more points and Lowri was Best of Breed one day and Select to Sherri Hurst and Libby the other three days.

    Since I was at the trials, the house did not get cleaned (again/still), but I made some small inroads.  Chase’s betrothed (Dory) earned a GCh Major — she’s at 13 GCh points with two majors.  Since Dory is now nekked, we expect she will come in season soon.  When she does, she’ll get on a plane to fly down from Chicago.

    My work week has come back to me — on Friday we resolved the matter that was set for trial.  So I am able to get to work on the 2013 National Specialty chores and on the Bulletin (not to mention taking care of all my other clients).

  2. Four Days — A Lot Can Happen

    October 15, 2012 by myeye

    This was a four-day show weekend in Los Lunas.  Other members of the family were out in other parts of the country performing as well.

    Nola:   Poor little red girl.  It is very discouraging that many judges dismiss her because of her color.  Finally on Sunday, the judge recognized her lovely front and side gait, level topline that holds in motion.  She led the open class until she picked up a burr in the ring and hopped.  The judge moved the second bitch in front of her and Nola took second and then Reserve to the 5-point major.  I very much like the bitch that won the Open class and then took the points to finish her Championship.  We just need a 3-point major for Nola’s Championship.  Back to the drawing board.

    Chase:  He did not qualify either day at the Arizona trials.  The first day he was the epitomy of baddog.  The second day he started out well, but then forgot what he was doing, lost his sheep and took them back to the wrong area of the arena.

    Smooch: earned her Novice Jumpers With Weaves Title.

    Lowri: was Best of Breed both days in Nashville.  On Saturday she earned a Group IV.

    Dinah: was Reserve Winners Bitch at Nashville on Saturday.  On Sunday, she was the only class entry.

    This weekend, Chase will be running in agility trials.  We will do two practice nights this week in Albuquerque.

  3. The Weekend and Another Agility Photo

    October 2, 2012 by myeye

    Evelyn Vinogradov takes great action photos so I’ll start this post with another of her shots of Chase from the Agility Trial on September 23rd.  She will also be at the trials on November 2, 3, and 4 which are outside.  Hopefully we will have a sunny New Mexico day.  Enjoy this smile:

    Simply put, “WAHOO”!!!

    Last weekend was a good one for Chase’s kids.  Lovely Lowri was Best of Breed both days at the Murfreesboro shows.  Baby Dinah earned her first point there on Sunday.  Way out west in Richland WA, Ali (Ch Wellshire Queen of Hearts) was Best of Opposite Sex at the huge Northwest Cardigan Fanciers Specialty under Judge Jon Kimes.  On Saturday and Sunday, her litter sister Nikki (GCh Wellshire Absolut Magic) was Best of Opposite Sex.  Smooch (Elyan The Evening Echo of C-Myste) earned her RA and the first leg of her RE.  I love receiving the reports!

  4. Weekend Round-up September 15th

    September 17, 2012 by myeye

    The Chase/Scout kids headed home to Chattanooga this weekend with splendid results.  At the Chattanooga Dog Show Lowri (GCH Mockingbird Elyan Magic Moment HSAd HSBd) was Best of Breed both days and was pulled in the Group on Saturday.  Litter brother Tommy (CH Mockingbird It’s The Magic in Me} was Select on Saturday and Best Opposite Sex on Sunday.  Mama Scout (GCH Jean Louise Finch HT RN CA ROMb) was Select both days.  On Saturday there was a puppy match where Baby Dinah (Chase/Keina daughter McCombs Black Dinah) won the Herding Group.  At the nearby Lure Coursing field, Ginger (CH Mockingbird-Wyncrest’s I believe In Magic) ran like the wind and earned all three legs of  her CA (Coursing Ability Title).  Sister Sally (CH Mockingbird Practical Magic) earned the first leg of her CA.  Go, Ocho!

    At home Chase and I worked on weave poles.  Naughty Nola wanted to be in on the act.  Since I have guides on a set of 6 poles, it was a piece of cake for Nola to zoom through and arrive at my front asking for treats.  Now who could resist that red dog smiley face?  Time to sign her up for Agility Prep.  Chase is understanding the dumbbell and yesterday he carried it across the living room while heeling with me.  I’m thinking May for the try for his CDX.

    This month the Smooch (Elyan The Evening Echo of C-Myste HT RN BN) will be trialing in Obedience and (I think) more Agility.  Chase has his Agility debut next weekend.  Lowri will be off to more shows the end of the month, and Baby Dinah  will make her grown-up show debut.

    I am so very proud of the Gramdkids.

  5. Sunday Herding

    September 9, 2012 by myeye

    What nice weather for herding lessons.  Chase was very workmanlike today — paying attention and moving the sheep as Ellen desired.  As I look at the thumbnails, it appears I took no photos of the Chaseman.  That is probably because this was Nola’s first herding outing since she earned her HT in April.  Honest!  Nola was screaming and throwing herself against the lead.  I removed her herding lead and she ran outside the fence with Chase and the sheep.  She thought it would never be her turn.  Finally!  She was exactly where she and Ellen had left off — though not concerned that I was at the arena.  I love my funny red girl.

    We found a weed flower today.

    While Nola was just playing around, her litter sister Smooch was at an agility trial in Washington.  On Friday she earned her first NAP leg, yesterday she earned her second NAP leg and her first NJP leg.  Come on, DeAnn — post for today!  We’re very proud of DeAnn and Smooch (as well as of De’s other Cardi, Poppy).