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  1. Chase’s Web Site

    March 7, 2010 by myeye

    As some of you know, Chase has his own web site.  I put it together so folks who wanted to know more about him could visit the web site — they didn’t have to call and listen to me babble on about what a nifty dog he is, and so healthy, etc.  After someone looks at his pedigree and health results and show record, and photos of Chase and his family, if they want to talk to me, I’m available.

    One of the best parts of his site is his Journal.  He’s such a busy dog that he only gets a chance to write every four to six months.  When he does, he brings everyone up to date, throws in some photos for good measure.  Today he posted a Journal entry that covers the past six months.  My eight-year old granddaughter has read all his entries and tells me he is really a funny dog 🙂

    G-Ma Carolyn adds the entry and the photos for him — thank you G-Ma!

  2. New Journal Entry at Champion-Chase

    September 7, 2009 by myeye

    Chase has finally completed his own account of his summer vacation.  He’s published it on his web site.  Enjoy.

  3. The “Call Name” Pedigree

    June 23, 2009 by MyEye

    I’m pretty new to Cardis and so I do not know everyone’s pet name for his or her dog.  There is nothing more frustrating than standing around listening to a conversation and having no idea who “Bozo” is.  “Bozo” is the dog, apparently, that contributed masking (I’m making this up).  I can’t keep interrupting to ask, “who is  . . . . .”

    So, I concocted a plan.  From now on, when I prepare a pedigree, it will have call names on it.  I did this one for Chase.  Once I have the last three names (4th generation, sire, at the top), this will be on Chase’s site.  If you click on the pedigree, it will get big enough to read.


  4. Chase’s Canadian Trip – His Journal

    June 13, 2009 by MyEye

    Chase has been back a few days (since Monday night), and has had the opportunity to update his Journal with an entry about his Canadian holiday.  He hadn’t touched it since he wrote about the National Specialty in April.  So, his version of “the haps” is available on his website http://Champion-Chase.com.