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  1. It’s Time for A Kip-date

    April 7, 2010 by myeye

    I spoke with Jill yesterday.  Our Kip is making the most amazing progress.  He is participating in hydro-therapy once a week (under water treadmill), and being given evey opportunity to locomote as he sees fit.  He is walking on his own for up to fifteen feet.  He has learned to get up the step from the indoor pool area to the living room by placing his front paws on the upper level, plopping his rear on the step, moving one back paw to the upper level, scootching his rear, getting the second rear paw up, and heaving himself into the room.  His surgeon is amazed by his progress.

    He also has a sling and chases the birds out of the yard with a little support from one of his people.  Bless you Sarah, Jill, and Jim for loving our boy enough to help him learn to walk again.  This is one determined little Cardi — I am certainly learning life lessons from his efforts.

  2. The Daily Corgi Features Baddogs

    March 29, 2010 by myeye

    Laurie over at The Daily Corgi decided to begin this week by featuring a group of Baddogs.  They just-so-happen to be the Baddogs on which I dote every day.  Thanks Laurie for bragging on the furry kids.  Janet was right — on March 14th she noted some owners just cannot help gushing about their four-legged (with tail) household members.

  3. The Hurrier I Go . . .

    March 19, 2010 by myeye

    . . . the behinder I get.  I talked with one of the 48 Hours producers for nearly two hours today.  The story behind the murder case is so compelling — you may be seeing it on television.  These long phone conversations, and one of their people flying in for a meeting, sound like down time for my practice.  Whether we sign on truly depends only on the value to my client.  Regardless of that time out of my day, I promised other things that will get done.

    This weekend is the final proofing for the CWCCA Handbook — a paper copy will be here in the morning with my FedEx man.  Adrienne will be here in the morning and since today is Holmes half-birthday (6 months old), we must take some photos.  I’m spending a few minutes every day working Chase in Novice Obedience.  Tonight at run-throughs he was just super — he would have Q’ed in the high 180s or low 190s.  He sits in a chair waiting for his turn and watching all the other dogs put through their paces.  I think he’s critiquing.  We have two months before he must have it all put together — I think we’ll be ready.

    I want to stop by to see Kip this weekend and lend moral support.  Kip’s showing a little movement in his tail as well as in his rear legs.  Sarah said when that tail’s awaggin’ we’ll know he’s recovered.

    Once again I-40 east of Albuquerque is closed due to another winter storm.  I’m so ready for spring — this has been a long, long winter, but our farmers should have plenty of water for the growing season.

    Photos tomorrow.

  4. More About Rehabbing Kip

    March 18, 2010 by myeye

    Two nights ago, I received email from Jill.  She was concerned that her mother was not able (physically) to help Kip through the early stages of rehab.  Kip is a 30 pound chunk of muscle and without much use of his back legs, he is a dead weight.  Sarah had an inner ear problem several years ago, so when she bends over, she gets dizzy.  Jill has a full time job.  She can help Kip in the morning before work and in the evening, but Sarah needed help during the day.  Jim is still convalescing from his heart work at the Cleveland Clinic and is restricted to lifting 10 pounds.  So, what to do?

    Yesterday I put out pleas for someone who would stop by Kip’s house a couple of times during the day to help him outside.  I also began looking for a particular person that I knew loved Kip dearly.  I found her!  Her name is Samantha.  When Kip was a puppy, she was a groomer at a nearby Petco.  I’d take Kip to her to wash off whatever icky stuff he’d managed to get into.  Yesterday I tracked her down.  She is pregnant, but is still working parttime as a groomer.  She has a two-year old daughter and a husband who is a glass blower and works out of their  home.  They live fairly near Kip’s house.

    The arrangement will work.  Samantha and her husband drop their daughter off at pre-school/daycare around 9:00, they will then both go to Kip’s house and take him out.  Samantha and her husband will learn from Sarah how to help Kip.  Samantha gets off work between 2:00 and 2:30, her husband picks her up at work, they will go to Kip’s house to help, and then to pick up their daughter.  When Samantha is not able to lift Kip, her husband will take over helping for as long as Kip’s family needs the help.

    I am so relieved that Kip and his family will have some dear people to help during the early rehab stages.  It will also help Samantha with a little extra income as they prepare for a new baby.  Sometimes things just work out right.

  5. Kip’s Back Home

    March 16, 2010 by myeye

    Sarah just called me.  She and Jim and Jill decided Kip needed to be at home.  This morning Sarah went to the Vet Hospital and learned how to help Kip with his rehab.  He’s limited until his stitches come out next week, but there are some things that can be done.  She took him home in the late morning.  She had him outside this afternoon, soaking up the sun in the yard and barking at the birds.  Kip thinks keeping birds out of the yard is one of his jobs.  He’s using his back legs a little when she puts him in the sling and he’s going to the bathroom on his own.  He’ll start hydrotherapy and acupuncture next week.

    The same night that Kip went down, one of my friend’s Pems died.  She was in for disk surgery also, aspirated vomit, it became pneumonia and she died.  Stitch was a splendid obedience and herding dog.  I feel so badly for Ellen even as I am so grateful that Kip is okay.  More reports on his progress later in the week.  Still soliciting good thoughts for the Kipster.