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  1. Salsa’s Major Win Photo

    June 8, 2015 by myeye

    Here is Salsa’s Major Win photo from the Coronado Kennel Club on May 11th.  Our friend Kim Raleigh was showing her and the Judge is Gloria Kerr.  Whoo hoo!

    Salsa WB - Major Coronado 5-11-15

  2. Puppy’s First Show

    June 2, 2015 by myeye

    Last weekend our friend Kim Raleigh took Tuli and Salsa to Longmont, Colorado.  It was little Tuli’s first show — she turned 6 months old on May 20th.  The girls had an excellent time with Kim.  For her de-butt, Tuli was Winners Bitch for her first 2 championship points.  Tuli is one of the kids from the Elyan Bluefox N-Song litter (she is “Nothing But Flowers”).  Susan Long, Cheryl Kienast and I bred beautiful Lowri to her son Kevin.  There were 9 scrumptious puppies.  So far, four of them have been shown and each of the four won points on his/her first day out.  We are very proud of Romeo, Sara, Trewe, and, of course, our Tuli.  We had a photo taken to commemorate Tuli’s first points.  I’ll post it when it arrives.  We’re still waiting for the photo of Salsa’s major win in Albuquerque.  Next show may be Flagstaff.

    Chase and Ellen herded sheep up in Edgewood this weekend.  Chase is doing so well — tweaking the little things now.  His next herding trial will probably be in early August.

    Inca celebrated her 13th birthday.  She is hale and hearty though occasionally has the “old dog vagues.”  This time, it was her solid opinion that the dog door was not working so she had to pee in the kitchen.  As soon as the little girls got home and raced out the dog door, Inca decided it was working again — funny old lady.

    The office air-conditioning is not working and, of course, we are hitting 90 degrees each afternoon.  Very miserable inside.

  3. Another Dog Show or Two

    May 12, 2015 by myeye

    The four-day Albuquerque High Desert Cluster is done.  Cardigans had early ring times (8:00, 8:00, 10:30, 9:00) — I need a nap.  We scored yesterday when Judge Gloria Kerr gave our Salsa a 3-point major.  When Salsa’s win photo arrives, I will proudly post it.  Copper was Reserve today.  Chase won nothing at all.  I stewarded Obedience on Saturday and Sunday.  The Obedience trial here was a regional qualifier so our training club acted as stewards.  The trial was a huge success and I like to think our Club’s participation had much to do with it.  I need a nap.

    At the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America National Specialty, Chase is well represented by his children.  Yesterday at the herding trials, Lowri was High in Trial, High Scoring Champion of Record, High Combined Stock, and completed two titles.  Stout was Reserve High in Trial and completed his Started Sheep title.  Today at the Obedience Trials, Andy finished his CD with a High In Trial Score.  He was also High Combined in Rally with two perfect runs.  We are so proud of the kids and of their owners/trainers!

  4. It’s Showtime

    May 8, 2015 by myeye

    One of the two dog shows in the Albuquerque area is this weekend.  We gathered up enough dogs to make a major for the girls.  We have five Champions entered (including the Chaseman).  Both Copper and Salsa are entered in the classes.  The only unpleasant thing about the show this year is that we show at 8:00 AM tomorrow and Sunday.  So, I’ll leave the office early today to bathe dogs.  There will be no time tomorrow for touch-up grooming (much less a full groom).

    Little Tuli is ten days too young to come play — darn it!  Old Inca has no interest, nor does Daisy.  We will have fun without them — and usually have excellent vendors!

    Wish us well!

  5. Four Show Days with CWCCA Supported Entries

    October 23, 2014 by myeye

    We survived rain on Thursday and wind on Sunday.  The majors held all four days (4-pointers for bitches on Thursday/Friday and 5 pointers for bitches  on Saturday/Sunday).  We had three days of Obedience/Rally, a pizza/salad lunch and educational program on the current Cardigan health survey.  Our dogs did well.

    Copper and Kevin Dooley earned a Companion Dog title with qualifying scores three days in a row.  Copper was also high scoring Cardigan all three days.  Don’t they look happy in this photo?  Copper is a Chase daughter.  Her litter sister Addie won the 5-point major on Saturday.

    CD Award 10-12-14 med res

    Salsa had a good cluster as well.  On Saturday she was Best in Sweepstakes under Judge Jeri Lamy.  This is only her second time shown — first time was in April at the National Specialty.  She was beautifully handled by our friend Kim Raleigh.

    Salsa Sweeps - 10-11-14 blog

     On Sunday, under Judge Carol Moser-White, Salsa was Reserve Winners Bitch to the 5-point major.  I was very proud of my happy little Chase Granddaughter.

    Salsa - RWB - 10-12-14 blog

    Finally, Chase made an appearance — his last before he turned 7 on October 17th.  On Thursday he was Best of Breed, on Friday, he was Best of Opposite Sex, on Saturday, he was Select Dog, and on Sunday he was Best of Opposite Sex.  He loves to get out and show!  Yes, it was a bit windy!

    B0B-BOS-SD-BOS-10-9-12-2014 blog