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  1. STAR Puppy

    March 5, 2011 by myeye

    Today our little Nola began her STAR puppy class.  I was so proud of her.  At 4-1/2 months, she acted like she had been attending classes forever.  She marched right in, gave an Aussie hell, told the Vizsla he was cute, and then went to work on the instructors.  The girl is no dummy.  Hawk-The-Vallhund’s G-Ma Bonnie is one of the instructors.  Some of you may remember that Bonnie was Chase’s ride back from Topeka when he completed his Championship.  Bonnie is the person that dubbed him “The Flower Child in a Dogsuit”.  Today she declared Nola is another one.  Nola rewarded her with rapt attention and lots of puppy kisses.  When the class was over Bonnie asked if I was sure I wanted to take Nola home.  One of these days she’s going to break down and get a Cardi (she has Vallhund and Aussies).

    Nola played the attention games (and why wouldn’t she?  There are treats involved), she trotted on lead, sat and stood for treats.  She wagged for everyone.  Such a cute red baby.  Daddy would be proud of her.  I certainly was (once I recovered from the shock brought on by her behaving well).

    Adrienne’s here and we just returned home from getting manicures — having a granddaughter is really fun.  I learned that she was awarded a scholarship to the 5th grade summer program at the Albuquerque Academy.  It gives her a chance to obtain a scholarship to attend the Academy as a regular student.  That would be an amazing opportunity.  Go, Adrienne!

  2. The Cold From Hell

    March 1, 2011 by myeye

    Yesterday I mailed Chase’s (non-herding) National Specialty entries to Foy Trent.  The forms were all filled out, I included a check.  Then last night my brain did a tiny bit of math — $20 for the Megan + $32 for a Regular Class = $52.  Interesting — yesterday afternoon, it apparently equaled $42 – because that’s what I sent with the entry.  I emailed Foy Trent Dog Shows, and being the gentleman that Mr. Trent is, he did not call me anything derogatory – just told me to send a second check for $10 with a note containing the dog’s name, Registration number, and the classes in which he is entered.  I wonder what other things I have done during the past ten days of stuffed-up-head that will need to be undone or redone.  Sigh!

    For those of you who have not yet experienced this variety of head cold/upper-respiratory blockage, I promise you would like to avoid it.  Tomorrow will mark two weeks since I woke up with a slightly sore throat.  I actually missed four days of work (I only do that for dog events), and have felt as if I were slogging through mud.  My brain is sluggish, my joints ache, my voice is all cracked.  I expect stock prices for facial tissue makers have skyrocketed.  I am more convinced than ever that I need a private jet so I might avoid full flights and recirculated air.

    Things will be better tomorrow though because Adrienne is delivering my Girl Scout Cookies.  Everyone knows they cure all.

  3. Show Puppy?

    January 30, 2011 by myeye

    Adrienne and I embarked on a photo-taking effort this morning.  Adrienne has a broken arm — they have a lab puppy that pulled her into a sign post.  The fracture is just above her right wrist.  Of course, she is right-handed.  So, bearing that in mind, we had to use the little Olympus because she couldn’t steady the Nikon, and sometimes she didn’t get the entire puppy in the frame.  However, here are parts of little Nola (who will work for Liver Lips).  Nola is 3 months and a week old.

    Hmmm.  No nose

    Look!  She has a cute nose — but a hand on her rear pastern . . .

    Her camera-side rear foot is turned out — enough!

  4. As The Dust Clears (but not the mud)

    January 8, 2011 by myeye

    DeAnn and her mother arrived last night.  We ate dinner and drank some wine.  Then they played with puppies while I put the dishes in the dishwasher.  Victor was the first puppy up on the dishwasher door to provide Cardi pre-wash.  He’s a little devil.

    Victor wants to be the kitchen dog

    Speaking of Victor, George called last night.  He’s in Albuquerque and plans to take this week sight-seeing, then pick up Victor on Saturday morning and head home.  He’s driving with a 12 week old puppy.  Very brave man!  George made arrangements to come over this morning so he could see the entire litter before it scattered.  So this morning George and DeAnn and her mom were here, then Brock and Adrienne came over and brought their lab puppy “Storm”.  So Holmes and Storm romped in the back 40 in the mud — what an awful mess they’ve made.  The rest of us took little-puppy photos.  We need more practice, but here they are.

    Smooch on the Roomba

    Nola — yes, I know my hand is there

    Smooch — yes, I know her hocks are not perpendicular

    Udi — the happy baby

    “more cheese, please”

    Victor — trying to please

    Just didn’t get quite straight-on

    It was amateur hour in the photo studio, but we tried — this is how they looked just an hour before Udi and Smooch headed for the airport, and George went back to his hotel.  I went to the office and worked on the Bulletin for a few hours — until my InDesign program did something so quirky that I’ll have to call Adobe support on Monday.

    It’s so quiet here.  Nola and Victor are curled up and absolutely silent.  They don’t understand where their brother and sister went, and I think they’re sad.  So am I.  I know the babies are going to great homes — I KNOW IT — but I will miss them.  I’ll miss adventurous, athletic Smooch and always happy Udi.  I did receive a great gift from DeAnn:  she brought me the metal Chase-Shadow because now she has a real Chase-Shadow.  I must put him in a place of honor near my lasered gate.  She’s promised lots of photos.  I know little Smooch will do us proud!

  5. Five Week Stacked Photos and Faces

    November 26, 2010 by myeye

    We need a third person to successfully stack the puppies.  That third person would be offering them tiny pieces of deli turkey.  However, here’s what we got from 159 shots.  As terrible as this Victor stacked photo is, I promise he has a very nice body, as does Smooch.  The brindles just don’t have the show-off gene that the red puppies seemed to have inherited.


    Reba Face3 11-26-2010

    Reba stacked - 5 weeks - 11-26-2010


    Smooch Face3 11-26-2010

    Smooch Stacked 5 weeks 11-26-2010This is better than two weeks ago (sigh!)


    Udi Face2 11-26-2010

    Udi Stacked3 5 weeks 11-26-2010


    Victor Face1 11-26-2010

    Victor Stacked1 5 weeks 11-26-2010