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  1. No puppies? Oh No!

    March 25, 2015 by myeye

    Little Ultra (“Elyan A Kiss For Luck”) leaves tomorrow for her new home in Michigan.  She turned 14 weeks old today and I fear I kept her too long — I hate to see her go.  I know she will have a wonderful life with Jon and Kristen Smith — they will spend far more time with her than I am able, but darn!  She has the cutest face and the happiest wag.  Bye, sweetie.  I am glad Lacey is nearby so I can visit with her and Pam.

    Ultra in tape 3-25-15It’s a princess crown for the little girl.

    Ultra looking up 3-25-15Such a sweet face.

  2. The Hurrier I Go, The Behinder I Get

    September 24, 2013 by myeye

    I owe a long report.

    Holmes/Rhiannon Puppies are growing like crazy.  Kathy McCombs regularly posts their photos on Facebook.  Very very cute!  I will be going to the puppy evaluation party in Waco on November 9th.  The plan is to bring home a girl puppy to be all mine.  We will call her “Salsa”.

    Newman went to his new home on Saturday morning.  He is in Albuquerque and will be called “Harry” (or is that “Hairy”).  He has his very own 7 year old little girl.  He loves Jordan already.  He seems to think the adults are fine as well.  I miss Newmie (a lot).  Lily is the last puppy at the house and she also misses her brother — except when she is out of the puppy pen and playing with Chase and Riley.  The little stinker is fast and fearless.  She is again wearing a fashionable bonnet.  Newmie’s ears came up and stayed with one taping, but Lily’s ears are more stubborn.  She will be flying to Salt Lake City on October 4th.  Mark Roundtree will take her home to Wyoming for a week or so and then Jenn Roundtree will fetch her and take her to Elko Nevada.  I swear this litter has more frequent flyer miles . . .

    Riley is a baddog through and through.  She tore open a bag of charcoal and strewed it across the patio.  She shoves the puppy’s x-pen into itself until she can wiggle a toy, antler, piece of puppy poop to the outside.  Baddog!  She is, however, a great playmate for both Chase and baby Lily.  She’s one of those cheerful dogs that believes there is joy to be found in every minute of the day.  She and Banjo are going to make wonderful puppies — looks like there will be a percentage of fluffs in their litter:-)

    Chase had a great agility weekend.  He didn’t qualify on every run — earned one Open Standard leg — a clean run, 26 seconds under Standard Course Time for a blue ribbon, and earned one Open Jumpers leg with a clean run, 20 seconds under Standard Course Time for another blue ribbon.  While he was having a blast, his son Stout and Merinda Tiffany were running agility in Cincinnati.  Stout earned his Novice Jumpers title.  That title qualified him as a Register of Merit progeny for Chase — the 15th progeny — and completed the requirements for Chase’s Register of Merit Silver designation.  So many of Chase’s kids have gone to great homes where they’ve earned herding, obedience, agility and conformation titles which makes earning the Register of Merit award relatively easy.

    Elfie sent me an email letting me know that Naughty Sweet Nola saved the day for their obedience trial.  When they arrived at the trial site, the grounds were covered with ducks.  Elfie sent Nola who herded them back down to the lake.  By 6:00 AM the grounds crew was able to set the rings.  The ducks did not return.

    We are gearing up for our local shows the middle of October.  Little Copper will be 6 months old tomorrow so she is entered all four show days in conformation and three days in obedience (Novice B).  It will be fun to compare our redhead with other dogs.

    I hope to add some agility video to this post — the link to the video is fighting with me.  As soon as it’s figured out, you’ll be able to watch the Chaseman running his fool head off.

    I am finishing off the Bulletin and plan to have it to proofreading tomorrow night.  What a relief that will be!  Now I need to do some income-producing work for a change.

  3. No Fair? No Fair!

    September 17, 2011 by myeye

    Today I was going to go to the State Fair with my Granddaughter, but Adrienne woke up congested and with a fever, then we had a giant thunder-boomer.  I had gone to the office to nit pick on the Bulletin when the skies opened up and it poured.  When it let up a little, I headed for home.  It had rained here at the house yesterday and again last night.  We have mud.  My dogs are filthy.  Inca has so enjoyed the spa that I swear she looks to be only seven years old.  Mud packs do that for you.

    Tomorrow morning bright and early, Nola and I will head up to Edgewood, and  (if the goats did not get washed away) we will have a herding lesson.  I’m taking my camera and hope to get video of the little red-haired girl bossing the goats around.  She really loves to herd.  Also tomorrow, out in Tennessee, Chase will have a mystery visitor — all will be revealed in good time, but I think you’ll be pleased with his new wife.  I am very excited about her.  Of course, whatever makes my boy happy is fine with me!

    Monday, Johnny and Laura are coming up from the south to bring Rango (f/k/a Vance) to spend a week with Tater.  I love puppies.  It will be so much fun to have the two of them racing around.  Nola will be in heaven with two babies to roll her over.  Johnny and Laura have an unexpected need to go to California so I am the lucky puppy sitter.  Tater had his ears up tonight — just like that — he went from airplane ears to Cardi ears.  I think he heard me mention tape.  This is one cute baby.

    This coming week shall be the week of September to remember.  My new roof should be well along by Friday.  We are replacing the two big skylights, adding a round tube skylight in the interior bathroom (I HATE interior rooms).  I will be warm and dry this winter.  I also hope the new roof and skylights cut down on the dust.  We are knocking down the rickety front porch and creating a new, wider one with a metal roof to match the new roof on the house.  Next project is to begin replacing windows.

    Herding videos and photos tomorrow.