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  1. Woe is Chase

    May 6, 2012 by myeye

    It is Day 10 of Nola’s season.  Chase is still in isolation — not like segregation in jail — but he is in a separate dog area.  He is making pitiful sounds interspersed with occasional low howls.  He’s happy to see me when I come into his room to give him scritches and talk to him, but I know he wants me to let him join Nola.  Meanwhile, Nola and Inca are running and playing in the other dog part of the house.  I truly think they are oblivious to Chase’s plight.  There is a four-day show cluster next weekend.  By then, Nola should be well on her way out of season and Chase’s sorrows will be greatly diminished.  A week from Friday, Chase will have his first herding outing with Ellen while Nola goes up to Durango for shows.

    I’m still finding “stuff” from the National trip and putting it away.  Today is toenail day and Chase gets a cold bath with a good conditioner.  He’s blowing coat and his hair is so dry.

    In Isolation

  2. The Daily Holmes

    February 23, 2012 by myeye

    Here he is, Thundershirt on, smiling even though Anne just finished Dremeling his toe nails.  Holmes is one happy boy in the right place for him.  Note blurry tail!  As always, thank you, Anne.

  3. The Daily Holmes

    February 18, 2012 by myeye

    A new report in from Anne.  Holmes has not yet done anything terrible — good dog!  Great owner!

    Just wanted to let you know Holmes is doing great.  He is such a good boy!  We went for a ride to that organic dog food store yesterday.  He snacked the first couple days, which I expected, but his eating didn’t pick up after that.  He hasn’t been eating too well, so I got samples of a a few different gluten free foods to try, some frozen raw patties, and some dehydrated raw food.  He liked the dehydrated raw food more than the dry food – he ate pretty well last night.  Tonight I’ll give him the patties mixed with some dry food – I’m pretty sure he’ll like the patties!  He looks a little slimmer this weekend from when I picked him up, so I wanted to get him eating well.

    Josh comes home tomorrow, so I’ve got the Thundershirt ready.  He follows me around the house like a shadow, which I love.  He is definitely a very loyal dog.  Chloe is good too, but she is a little more independent with me, and is extremely attached to Josh.  They each have their own person, LOL!

    I am taking him to the vet on Monday to get his records in and introduce him.  I ordered the Dremel, so this week I will start working on his nails when it comes.

    I’ve been trying to get some good photos, but he moves so quickly!!

    I was wondering about the name tag on his collar – I love that! Where did you order it from? {Me – It is a Boomerang Tag]

    I also just wanted to keep you posted… I know he means a lot to you and it sounds like he didn’t have a good experience when he was away with one of the handlers, so I just wanted to let you know things are well and he is happy. I can’t wait to start obedience classes with him – I am really looking forward to it.  The classes start in March, but I’m going to start working with him at home.  I hope all is well with you!

    Thank you, Anne.  I miss my boy, but know he is happy with you and the kids — watch out, Josh!

  4. Thundershirt — Amazing!

    January 29, 2012 by myeye

    I ordered a Thundershirt.  Cardis need a medium size.  My dogs love thunder, lightning, fireworks, hot air balloons.  They run out the dog door to bark until they chase whatever it is out of our yard.  What they really, really hate is having their nails done.  If they would hold still, with the Dremel Stylus that I use, the process would take fewer than five minutes per dog.  It is, however, usually a ten to fifteen minute ordeal.  Holmes is big and strong.  Since he stopped being a puppy, I’ve had to lie across him on the grooming table to hold him down.  It is miserable for both of us.  So, enter the Thundershirt.

    I put Holmes’ shirt on and lifted him up on the grooming table.  I picked up the Dremel and HE HELD HIS PAW OUT TO ME.  he wasn’t that cooperative during the entire process, he jerked away a few times, but it took me about three minutes to do his nails.  Whatever the Thundershirt does for him, I love it.  It must feel as if he is being gently hugged.  While I bent over him to do the nails, he licked my ear and chin, but never tried to spring off the table (normal) or to suck his feet up into his underside (normal).  He left his legs out where I could pick up each foot, separate the toes and grind the nails down.

    I tell you, it’s a miracle!  No one paid me to say this — it is simply a product that will make a huge difference in my dog-care life.  Thank you, Thundershirt people!  I’m going to send this first one with Holmes to Anne’s house — he can wear it on the airplane to ensure a pleasant trip.  I’m going to order a second one to keep here for toe nail time.

  5. Windy City Here He Comes

    January 26, 2012 by myeye

    Our Holmes will be heading to Chicago on February 11th.  He will have Anne, her firefighter husband, his very own boy AND his very own baby girl (just 5 months old).  He will also have a Cardi sister named Zoe.  Anne was a former Junior Handler who had Cardis.  She’s excited about Specialing Holmes occasionally and training and trialing him in Obedience.  I could not be happier with this placement.  I know that our freckle-faced boy will have a wonderful life there.  Anne promises photos and stories about the adventures of Holmes.

    As an aside, I received my Thundershirt for Holmes.  He wore it last night — didn’t bother him at all while he sprawled on the bed.  The true test will come when I warm up that Dremel.  I will let you all know how that goes.