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  1. My Best Boy’s Birthday

    October 17, 2014 by myeye

    Happy barkday to the Chaseman. In the blink of an eye he has become a Veteran — though he has no idea. Thank you Carolyn and Tom Cannon who allowed me to bring him home on January 6th 2008. We’ve had such great adventures — and are planning more.

    GCH/Can CH C-Myste Baledwr Pursuit of Happiness CD RN HSAds HIAs HXAs OAP OJP VCX ROMs TTChase - Brush Behind 9-22-12 blog

    Best wishes to the rest of the “Freedom litter.”  I always think of them by their litter names:  Ace, Bogey, Clem, Eagle, Feather, Golda, Heather, Ikey (that was Chase), and Jiggers.  Three are Champions, four have produced Champions.  All have made life better for their people.  What a grand group of babies.  Their Mom, Ch Mariel Reese’s Alice Springs ROMs is a full time RV dog, traveling with Carolyn and Tom.

    Chase’s youngest children are in Capetown, South Africa with Johann Theron (of the magic camera).  The red boy, Tamino, and girl, Jilly, will be 7-weeks old on Sunday.  I borrowed one of Johann’s great photos so you might see the babies singing happy birthday to dad (or playing bitey face).

    Tamino-Jilly 7 wks blog

    Chase is spending his birthday contributing to the making of more little red puppies.  He and Daisy should welcome a litter on December 16th.

  2. Happy 5th Barkday to Holmes and Watson

    September 19, 2014 by myeye

    It is hard to believe that Holmes and Watson are 5 years old today — lots of exciting events with the dogs during this time.  Holmes earned his Grand Championship, his CD and his RA.  He lives in Chicago with Ali and Eric and two cats.  Watson has had the opportunity to herd and earned his HT and PT last summer.  He is in Napa with Alden.  I love my doubleton!  A few photos:

    Holmes Smelling the Iris - blog - 5-4-2010This is one of my favorite Holmes photos.  He was 5 months old.

    Holmes and Family 2-21-10 blogIt’s all about family — Holmes, Daddy Chase, Chase’s sister Molly, and Grandma Alice in April, 2010

    Watson - fall 2009Puppy Watson, Fall 2009 — he’s a very sweet boy


  3. Dory Update and Happy Birthday to Hunter

    March 21, 2013 by myeye

    Our Dory is in her last few days of dragging around a tummy full of babies. I hope to get a good photo of her when we go to the vet’s for her puppy count x-ray. I noticed last night that she is barely making it through the dog door. She’s still happy and always hungry. I’ve increased her food and, since I raw feed, have eliminated bone from her diet for the final two weeks of the pregnancy. The theme for this litter is Colleges that begin with the letter “A”. There is quite a list. (“Auburn” has already been claimed.) Of course, that’s just for the registered names — call names are up to the puppies’ families. Anne and I were thinking we might identify the mascots for each of the schools. Monday is the day, but we’ll have an update with the x-ray before then. You can all help us count heads/spines.

    Today Chase’s Dad Am/Can Ch Merrymoon Firestorm is celebrating his 17th birthday.  That makes me happy for two reasons: because Hunter is a grand dog and it’s lovely that he is still keeping Shelley company, and because it bodes well for Chase’s longevity.  I hope to have him around for many years to come.  Side note:  Chase’s mom, Alice, will celebrate her 13th birthday in June.

    Shelley posted some photos of Hunter on her blog.  For our puppy people in waiting, I hope you’ll take a look at the photos of your puppies’ paternal grandfather.

    Here are two photos I boosted from Shelley’s post.  Note that Hunter, sitting in the first photo closely resembles Chase who is the dog on the right in the second photo.  In the second photo, Chase was 18 months old.  He and his half-sister Dolly were the “progeny” for the Stud Dog Class in which Hunter was named #1 stud dog for 2009.  That same year Chase and his littermate Pilot were the “representative progeny” for their mother, Ch Mariel Reese’s Alice Springs.  “Alice” was selected as Best Brood Bitch.

    Happy birthday, Hunter.  We’re proud to have your son and many of your grandpuppies.

  4. A Quick Pupdate – Photos Added

    April 13, 2010 by myeye

    puppy pile 4-13-2010An official puppy pile

    Milk bar 4-13-2010Here’s a good view of “Two Dot” (and siblings) at the milk bar

    Magic watching babies 4-13-2010Keep watching those babies, Magic

    For now, here are the litter names:

    Two Dot, Sparrow, Alice (after grandma), April (after great grandma), T-Bone, Sweetheart, Lucky and Buck.  Of course these aren’t keeper names but Alice reminds Eric and Paula of the puppy’s Grandma Alice (Chase’s mom).  She is the darkest one with white collar and almost a spot on the head.  Another girl is Sparrow, very dark with a white bird-like mark on her neck.  I’ll try to get more description on the others so you know who you are admiring.  (Two Dot is pretty obvious.)

    If you need another peek at the pedigree, it’s here.

    The entire gang started out in the 10 oz. range, but are up to 11 and 12 ounces today.  They’ll be running the ranch in no time.

  5. The Daily Corgi Features Baddogs

    March 29, 2010 by myeye

    Laurie over at The Daily Corgi decided to begin this week by featuring a group of Baddogs.  They just-so-happen to be the Baddogs on which I dote every day.  Thanks Laurie for bragging on the furry kids.  Janet was right — on March 14th she noted some owners just cannot help gushing about their four-legged (with tail) household members.