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  1. It’s The Miracle Mud Spa and Resort — Again!

    February 23, 2011 by myeye

    Susan emailed me this morning that Lowri came charging into the house behind Kearney and she was “Pig-Dog”.  Lowri was covered with mud.  I cannot understand her surprise.  This is Chase’s daughter, and Chase was the founder of the Canadian branch of the Miracle Mud Spa and Resort.  His daughter is merely expanding the family business to Tennessee.  Susan did not indicate goose poop as an ingredient, so my take on this is “good for Lowri.”  She is showing initiative and inventiveness.

    Remember this?

    So, why are there no photos of Lowri after her visit to the Spa?

  2. Well, Here It Is

    July 17, 2009 by myeye

    The Canadian Kennel Club is not yet automated.  Every win or qualifying leg is entered into a dog’s record by hand.  This is what arrived this week.  It was worth waiting for!  (Thank you, Shelley, for steering Chase around the ring.)

    Canadian Championship Cert blog

  3. Chase’s Canadian Trip – His Journal

    June 13, 2009 by MyEye

    Chase has been back a few days (since Monday night), and has had the opportunity to update his Journal with an entry about his Canadian holiday.  He hadn’t touched it since he wrote about the National Specialty in April.  So, his version of “the haps” is available on his website http://Champion-Chase.com.

  4. He’s Back

    June 8, 2009 by MyEye

    He’s back. He didn’t go in his crate — 14 hours. He relieved himself outside the cargo office and jumped in the car. At first he seemed a little confused, probably jet lag. When we turned onto our street, he sat up and began looking out the window. We came in through the garage and he ran for the water bowl. I think he drank a gallon. He ran out the dog door and cruised the back yard, came in and cruised the house; rolled wildly on the carpet and in all the dog beds. Mine, mine, mine! I fixed dinner for Chase and Inca who stood by, looking perhaps a bit dismayed — he’s back? Then a trachea for dessert. Chase is home, the sparkle is there. I love my silly puppy.



    A trachea snack — yummy!


    My bed, my bed, my bed . . .

  5. The Eagle Has Landed (in Houston)

    June 8, 2009 by MyEye

    Chase’s flight from Newark has landed in Houston.  It won’t be long now . . .

    Here’s a photo of Chase and Cynnie in which you can see more of her face :>)  Boy, this dog sure gets a lot of lovin’.

    UPDATE:  Well, all these posts, after Cynnie taking Chase to the Buffalo airport, have been incorrect.  There were adverse weather conditions at Newark, so the flight from Buffalo was held until almost 11:00.  Chase missed his scheduled connection from Newark to Houston and was instead placed on an intercontinental flight coming in from Dublin, Ireland.  He will not arrive in Houston until 4:20 (CDT).  His flight to Albuquerque is still scheduled to depart at 5:35, but won’t arrive in Albuquerque until just before 7:00 tonight.  So, the Eagle has not yet landed in Houston.  I do not like changes!