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  1. Where There Is Love

    December 21, 2013 by myeye

    I am so proud of my State.  New Mexico never passed a ban on gay marriage.  The language in our statutes was gender neutral.  A few months ago, a County Clerk in Dona Ana County began issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples because, in his opinion, there was no effective bar to such unions.  A few other clerks followed suit.  Then they all got together and the County Clerks filed a suit directly to the New Mexico Supreme Court asking the Court to clarify for everyone whether the gender-neutral language of the New Mexico Statute permitted them to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.  Many, many organizations jumped in to write briefs pro and con.  There was extensive oral argument.

    On Thursday, December 19th, our Court ruled that marriage is a union between two human beings to the exclusion of all others.  The sexes of the pair were irrelevant to the legality of the marriage.  It was a fairness ruling, it was an equal protection ruling, it was the right thing to do.

    Yesterday, a Federal Judge in Utah overturned Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage, and on the same grounds.

    At a time when our country is so divided, when there is such blatant hatred of others, these two rulings are beacons.  These were rulings that uphold love and commitment, in the face of prejudice.  Justice should never be subject to popular vote or to public opinion.  I am so happy that anyone who loves another may join him/her in marriage until death do them part.

    Where there is love, there is still hope.

  2. We All Won If . . .

    November 7, 2012 by myeye

    I am so happy to welcome the Obama family back to the White House for a second term.  I believe the President is a genuinely good person.  It will all be for naught though if we cannot find a way to reignite Statesmanship in the Congress.  All the sitting individuals must begin looking for ways to move the country forward as a group.  Our tax code needs major revisions, we must stop subsidizing companies that have made their largest ever corporate profits at the expense of the working poor, we must simplify access to the government at the same time we establish safeguards within social programs.  We must take care of our military both during and after their service.  Businesses must find a healthy climate to build and service within the United States.

    So, I’m asking for a great deal — but Christmas draws near.

  3. Another Wednesday Gone By

    October 25, 2012 by myeye

    Yesterday morning — before I even got to the office — I voted and I changed my mailing address with the County Assessor and with the County Treasurer.  It felt as if I had completed enough important chores that I would be excused for the balance of the day.  Sigh!  However, I have a client whose identity has been stolen.  We have good reason to believe the personal information cane out of a Court file.  I spent an hour in the Clerk’s office reviewing the public records log.  Each time someone views a Court file, he/she must show id and the user’s name, the date, and the File Number for the case are logged.  The only person to check out either of my client’s files was a newspaper reporter.  On September 6th he wrote a story about the case.  Within two days, 50 applications for credit were made to various banks and credit organizations.  The applicant(s) had the client’s social security number, date of birth, home address, telephone number.  One card was approved before my client put the stop on the applications and a local veterinary hospital was tagged for nearly $2000.  Of course, the news article did not include all the personal identifiers, but apparently the article spurred someone to obtain the information.  The vet clinic has identified the woman using the card and made a police report yesterday.  It is a mess!

    Last night Nola and I drove into Albuquerque to our dog club.  Nola reacts as do all the dogs when we turn onto San Pedro.  She was bouncing and yelping with glee because our dog club is the social place.  They are so funny!  Nola worked through her first night of Basic Novice obedience training.  Cute red girl had a good class!  She is happy working (and scarfing up treats).  I was pleased with her since she has had no obedience training since she was a STAR puppy at 5 months old — unless you count standing very still and smiling at her handler.

    Today I’m driving over the mountains to see clients at the Estancia jail.  Tonight Chase and I will go to the Club for Agility class.  Tomorrow I will drive north to see clients at the Santa Fe County Detention Center.  This weekend we will clean house — and practice agility because Chase is entered in trials on November 2, 3, and 4 right here in Valencia County.  If all goes well, he will be sporting new letters after that weekend.

  4. Sunsets For Tom

    October 23, 2012 by myeye

    Tom and Carolyn Cannon wander this way when they take their desert vacation.  For some reason, while they are here and Tom’s camera is at the ready, our skies do not cooperate.  We get puny sunsets.  This weekend, we had our normal pre-Christmas skies (Merry Christmas doing her baking, my mom always claimed).  So, the photos are for Tom.

    October 20, 2012

    October 21, 2012

    The skies are a gift that (almost) make up for the pettiness, rudeness, anger, and personal attacks that have surrounded this election.  So many “slams” at the opponent so little extolling the benefits of electing one’s own candidate.  I think we might be broken and I fear all the kings’ horses and all the kings’ men will not put us together again.  We are so fortunate to live in this country — even with its imperfections.  If we all focused on what is good about our system, and we all committed to making it even better . . . I keep hoping we could work together to accomplish something splendid.

  5. Today’s Post — Brought To You By The Letter “A”

    October 6, 2012 by myeye

    I live up on the mesa and we have dust — wind storm dust and everyday dust.  It coats EVERYTHING in the house.  My home office desk is in the family room near the sliding glass door so it gets more than its share of dust.  My laptop is docked on that desk — also gets more than its share of dust.  You may recall that I bought a personal (3.5 gal.) shop vac.  It has a nice little brush and it sucks up dust.  I used it on the laptop and — it sucked up the letter “A” — right off the keyboard.  I normally use a full size wireless keyboard with the laptop while at home, but at seminars and in court the missing letter A is terribly obvious and not in keeping with my occasional professional appearance.

    So, I went to Dogpile.com, typed in “replacement keys” and found Laptop-keys.com.  The letter “A” arrived yesterday in my Post Office Box.  I’m going to vacuum the keyboard again (hoping no other letters are sucked up) and then install the new A key.  Where would I be without the internet — and PBS?