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  1. National Purebred Dog Day

    May 1, 2015 by myeye

    I like predictability in my dogs — I know the things of which they are capable.purebred- love

  2. The Seventh Gotcha Day

    January 6, 2015 by myeye

    Today is January 6th.  Today is the day — seven years ago — that I flew from Medford, Oregon to New Mexico with THE PUPPY.  January 6th is the day that Chase became a part of my family.  What a fun seven years we have had.  I cannot thank Carolyn and Tom Cannon enough for letting me buy Chase from them.  He has been a dream-come-true dog — there is nothing I have asked of him that he has not done.  He is a High in Trial Herding dog with both his American Grand Championship and his Canadian Championship.  He has earned his Companion Dog and Rally Novice titles, his Herding Started title on sheep and ducks, his Herding Intermediate title on sheep, his Herding Advanced title on sheep.  He is well on his way to his Herding Championship.  He runs Agility like a wild man and has earned his Preferred Novice Standard and Jumpers, Preferred Open Standard and Jumpers titles.  He lacks one Q for his Preferred Excellent Jumpers title.  His children have been beautiful and talented enough to earn Chase his Register of Merit Silver award.  With two more progeny, he will have earned Gold.  He has earned his Versatile Cardigan Excellent award.  He has multiple Group placements and was chosen as Best Brindle at the Houston National Specialty.  He is a splendid house and office dog, my constant companion.  He raises his puppies — teaching them to use the dog door, to play tug, to come when he calls them (which does not transfer over to when I call them).  Chase is so sound and genetically healthy . . . what a gift he is.

    Mostly, he is CUTE!

    Chase 7-one half weeks

    Chase at 7-1/2 weeks — photo by Tom Cannon

    Chase meets Digger

    Chase at 5-1/2 weeks — the photo that determined his fate — again by Tom Cannon

    Tonight I will hug him — as I do every night — and tell him how special he is to me.

  3. Makes Me Smile

    December 26, 2014 by myeye

    I haven’t posted any agility photos for a while because we stopped running agility to focus on herding.  No excuse for no herding photos — sorry.  Anyway, here is a Chase photo that makes me smile.  I hope it makes you smile as well.

    Chase crazy ears blog

  4. The Hurrier I go . . . (Photos Added)

    June 9, 2014 by myeye

    I am behind on blogging — w-a-a-a-y behind.

    My granddaughter Adrienne and her Mexican Folk dance Troup Baila! Baila! leave for New York City on Wednesday.  She is so excited!  They will be there a week to dance, shop, and sight see.  She is 12 so this is a very big deal for her.

    Our Lowri/Dickens puppies have been making waves.  The Red Rocket (Gimme) has earned her Grand Champion majors and has all her GCH competition wins, but, she’s only 7-1/2 months old.  That is one hot shot puppy.  Of course, co-owner handler Angelia Hall has done a wonderful job with her.  Litter brother Kevin has earned two majors, litter sister Fable has earned two majors.  Sister Flutter has a major reserve and a minor reserve –turns out she is a fine example of a baddog.  At the show a week or so ago, she told off the German Shepherds that wanted to come into HER ring.  Jessica is trying to ‘splain how it really works before she goes to her next show weekend.  Litter brother Peyton has some single points AND he earned his RN title a week or so ago.  What a smart boy!

    Here are some photos of Flutter from Jessica.  I think she’s such a cute girl!  She is 7-1/2 months old in these photos.

    Flutter 7 months front Edited 007 Flutter 7 months Side Edited 001

    Andy (Chase/Dory) earned the first leg of his RN with a perfect score.  He is studying the Utility exercises and will be unstoppable when Sheri decides it is time.  Copper is about ready to trial for her CD and will begin serious herding training next month.  Sister Addie has almost no hair at the moment so is home learning lessons.

    Chase and I are preparing for an Agility trial the last weekend of this month.  He’s not trialed since the National Specialty.  I hope he’s forgotten that he likes to stop in the middle of the weaves to bark.  If he’s very good, he will have a pretty red girl come visiting.  If he’s not — he’ll still have the pretty red girl come visiting.

    Our old Inca, sometimes known as the Red Empress, celebrated her 12th birthday on May 26th.  Aside from a few white hairs on her muzzle, she looks wonderful (not that there is anything really wrong with white hair).  She and our Salsa play all day, drag weeds into the house, and take dog bowls outside.  Salsa begins Puppy Agility tomorrow evening.  I think we are going to have a blast.

    Taryn over at A Tail of Two Cardis is celebrating her 5th blogiversary with a give away — you might want to visit her — though you will have to disclose some forgetful thing that you’ve done — could win a $20 Starbucks card . . .

    My 6th blogiversary was in March and I totally blew it.  This is post #1,875.  Hard to believe I could bore so many for so long.

    I promise photos for the next post.

  5. Seven Months Old

    May 18, 2014 by myeye

    Today the Lowri/Dickens kids are 7 months old.  Yesterday Gimme finished her Championship with a Best Puppy/Puppy Group III and a Best of Breed over two other Champions.  Litter brother Kevin earned his first major.  What a ride we’ve taken with this litter!  Their mom, Lowri, was Select yesterday behind the fabulous Coco Posh.

    Yesterday Storybook (you may remember her as “Kimber” from the Nola/Heath litter) earned her second major.  She is well on her way to her Championship.

    I took Salsa to Kevin and Tricia’s home so she could have a sleep-over with Copper.  Kevin ran out and brought back a kiddie wading pool so the girls could enjoy the beginning of summer weather.  The two of them are very cute together.

    Chase, Old Inca and I are home alone.  Toenails, then combing Inca out since she is trying to shed every hair on her very hairy body.  I am going to re-set our little agility field which was blown around by the 60 mph gusts we suffered during the week.  The weave poles have been re-worked to correct the interval between poles, I scored a tire jump.  Chase will be so happy!