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  1. Udi Playing With the Sheep

    May 15, 2015 by myeye

    Udi is Chase’s son from his third litter, born in October 2010.  He is brother to the fabulous working girls Smooch and Nola.  Four or five months ago, Udi went to bootcamp with my friends DeAnn and Rich Nelson.  Once he had learned some manners, Udi came to New Mexico to live in Santa Fe with friends Cheryl and Richard Hoagland.  It was there that Udi saw his first sheep and announced that he was a herding dog — just like his daddy.  Richard takes Udi herding every other week and Udi is turning into an accomplished stock dog.  Here are photos from yesterday.

    Moving the sheep 5-14-15Udi Moving his Sheep

    Udi-Roxy STOP 5-14-15Udi and Roxy:  STOP

    Roxy is just over a year old.  She is not a crazed herding dog, but will go out with Udi.  The two red Cardis make a cute pair.

  2. Another Dog Show or Two

    May 12, 2015 by myeye

    The four-day Albuquerque High Desert Cluster is done.  Cardigans had early ring times (8:00, 8:00, 10:30, 9:00) — I need a nap.  We scored yesterday when Judge Gloria Kerr gave our Salsa a 3-point major.  When Salsa’s win photo arrives, I will proudly post it.  Copper was Reserve today.  Chase won nothing at all.  I stewarded Obedience on Saturday and Sunday.  The Obedience trial here was a regional qualifier so our training club acted as stewards.  The trial was a huge success and I like to think our Club’s participation had much to do with it.  I need a nap.

    At the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America National Specialty, Chase is well represented by his children.  Yesterday at the herding trials, Lowri was High in Trial, High Scoring Champion of Record, High Combined Stock, and completed two titles.  Stout was Reserve High in Trial and completed his Started Sheep title.  Today at the Obedience Trials, Andy finished his CD with a High In Trial Score.  He was also High Combined in Rally with two perfect runs.  We are so proud of the kids and of their owners/trainers!

  3. National Purebred Dog Day

    May 1, 2015 by myeye

    I like predictability in my dogs — I know the things of which they are capable.purebred- love

  4. Photos From Day Two – Southern California

    April 28, 2015 by myeye

    Many, many thanks to Sue Meile who took 7,000 photos at the Southern California Trials, put all of Chase, Banjo and Echo on a flash drive and mailed it to me.  Here are some of the photos I liked the best.

    The ZComing out of the Z

    To The penTo the pen

    At the 5Waiting at the 5

    To the ExhaustTaking them to the exhaust

    These photos are from Chase’s High in Trial run.  Again, thank you Sue for immortalizing the day.  Thank you Ellen Gerwin for training our Chaseman and trialing him so well.

    Congratulations to Ellen’s Banjo who was High in Trial the preceding day.  Cardis rule!

  5. A Sunday Trial

    April 20, 2015 by myeye

    Chase was entered Sunday in the trial held in Mountainair.  We already knew the sheep were squirrely, but it’s really hard to ignore a trial that is within an hour’s drive.  It was sunny and a little windy.  I took Inca with us so Tom and Carolyn Cannon (who are hanging out in the Isleta area for the week) could visit with the old girl.

    Chase’s duck run was the same as all his Advanced Duck runs have been.  We are throwing in the towel for ducks.  He thinks they are stoopid and I think I would be as well if I continued to fork over entry fees.  So, he will have to earn his Herding/Dual Championship on sheep.  He did not earn any points at Sunday’s trial.  However, his herding partner had this to say about the run — from Ellen Gerwin.

    “I figured being Chase’s coach and partner in this venture I should get the honor of making his report.  First we did not qualify—bummer for that, but looking back at it I have to say of all the runs I have had with him over the past 2 years, this was by far the one I am most proud of him for — Q or NQ!!  These were/are some of the most challenging sheep we will ever see and he gave me 100%!!  We busted the 50% on the hold pen, probably due to a single escape at the beginning getting them in and a mass escape attempt just on the back side trying to contain them to the 4.  His turn at the cone all the way to the hold pen was beautiful, on contact in control of sheep that wanted to suck the dog into the obstacles and wrap around to escape when the dog did, he put just enough pressure to keep them moving, but not so much as to upset them.

    ‘It has been a long road to get here, but we are clicking as a team and holding each other up by doing our parts to make it work. I was not sure we would ever get here, but after today I feel we deserve it.  Now to look for some other, non-heat-of-the-summer trials to get to.”

    As a (very prejudiced) bystander, I thought the work that Chase and Ellen did was splendid.  Chase was thinking and problem solving, but remained responsive to Ellen.  We will not give these sheep a second chance, but know there is honest stock waiting for the Chaseman.  I’m very proud of the dog and his trainer/handler — What a Great Team!