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  1. Nearly Time For Puppies — and the Weekend Update

    October 17, 2010 by myeye

    Liedy’s girth is 29″ today.  When I had her at the Vet’s on Friday morning for her “how many puppies x-ray” she weighed 34.5 pounds — started out at 27 pounds.  She’s rearranging the pads in her whelping box when she isn’t looking much like a beached whale.

    Leidy - Day 61I can’t seem to get a photo that shows how big she really is — she is so large!

    Today we held our Fall VST test at the University.  So, I left the house at 5:30 and told my house guests, “there’s coffee, fruit juice, fruit.  Please lock Inca in the kitchen, turn off the coffee pot, and lock the front door.  I’ll get Holmes back from you later this afternoon.”  It was a gorgeous day for tracking, beautiful skies, high 70 degree weather (though we finished tracking at about noon before it made the high 70’s).  It’s fall break, so the campus was relatively empty.  We had three VST passes out of six entries!  THAT is amazing because the passing rate across the country is less than 5%!  Some very happy people accepted their Green Rosettes.  For two of them it meant they could add CT (Champion Tracker) in front of the dogs’ names — an Otterhound and a German Shepherd Dog.  An American Cocker owned and handled by my friend Carolee also passed, but doesn’t have his TDX yet.  That CT will come.  We used the north campus for two of the tracks (law school and med school campus).  There is also an office of the NM Court of Appeals located by the law school.  That parking lot is adorned with signs warning “CT PERMIT PARKING ONLY”.  So the new CTs had their photos taken with the parking sign.  Very cool.

    Holmes did nothing at the shows.  He’s going to stay home for a few months so he can body out.  We need to take a serious obedience class to boost his confidence.  He’ll go back out in the spring — ready to win, I think.

    I am on the couch watching the Broncos play and recovering from walking seven miles today, moving my house, having company — and resting up for the upcoming whelping.

    Chase is having a splendid birthday — thank you for asking!

  2. Lady Lobo Basketball

    December 20, 2009 by myeye

    This afternoon the UNM ladies basketball team played downstate rival New Mexico State University.  Of course I was in the stands.  My son Brock and his wife joined me.  During half-time one of our mascots (Lucy Lobo) sat in front of us and Brock gave her a shoulder massage.  The grateful Lucy then posed for a shot with him — taken with Angela’s cell phone.  By the way, our ladies won again.  8500+ screaming fans can’t be wrong!

    Brock and Lucy Lobo 12-20-09

  3. Guess Who Won the Volleyball Match?

    October 3, 2009 by myeye

    After Adrienne helped take puppy photos, we went to the University of New Mexico women’s volleyball match against the Air Force Academy.  The ladies won in three sets (Yay!), but the really big shew was when the players were being introduced, and throwing volleyballs into the stands, Adrienne received one.  Following the match, all the players and coaches signed her ball — she also got a Mardi Gras type necklace.  Happy little fan!

    Adrienne w signed volleyball 10-3-09
    Of course, she shared the wealth with poor Chase — what a good sport he is.

    Chase w Mardi Gras necklace2 10-3-09Why me?

  4. Another Tracking Test

    February 1, 2009 by MyEye

    In this part of the country, all the tracking tests are bundled together: January – El Paso VST, Albuquerque combined TD/TDX, El Paso TD; February – Albuquerque TDX, El Paso TDX.  I don’t have dogs ready for the VST and TDX so I am just a worker.  I’m putting hot coffee and hot water in airpots to take to the tracking site, picking up a tracklayer just after 8:00 (thank goodness he didn’t have the first track to go in), and heading up the mountain.  . . . maybe a few sunrise photos . . .

    If my dogs (and I) weren’t so crazy about this game, I’d still be in bed with their warm, furry bodies surrounding me.  Good news:  I’ll be done with my “job” in time for the Lady Lobos v Utah basketball game and then the Superbowl.

    I hope you all have something that you truly enjoy to do on this Sunday!

    Update:  We had five TDX entries with two passes — a cocker and a German Shepherd.  The German Shepherd had been handled to his TD by the husband, but last winter the wife took over training because the husband travels a great deal.  She passed our TD last winter (for practice) and then today earned a TDX.  So very cool!

    . . . and another update.  The other passing dog is an American Cocker Spaniel.  She is now the first cocker to hold a Master Hunter Title and a TDX.  She belongs to one of our obedience Club members, as does the German Shepherd that passed.

  5. What Did Santa Bring?

    December 25, 2008 by MyEye

    The most important thing Santa brought was Clue and Joanna back together, but on the home front, Santa outdid himself.

    I think it’s hard to buy for me because I have everything that will fit in my house.  I have artwork in storage, more clothing than I’ll ever wear (New Year’s Resolution is to sort and give away), shelves of cute collectibles (more in storage).  My older son and his wife wrack their brains each year — and this year — wow!


    Signed by all the Lady Lobo basketball players and the coaches.  During the off season, I can just look at the basketball.  On the protective dome is an engraved plaque “#1 Lady Lobo Fan”.  That may be me!

    Thank you, Santa.